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From The Desk Of: Phyllis McClintock

Dear Fellow Warrior,

I too am an Internet marketer and know the importance of original... quality PLR content... whether it's in the form of ebooks... articles... minisites... or whatever your needs may be.

If you can find good quality, original content right off the bat just think about the valuable time and energy... not to mention money... you will save. Just tweak to add your name and to fit to your needs if you like... and upload it to your server. And... Tah Dah... Start Selling! Without having to totally re-write the ebook or sales copy! Use the time you saved to immediately start promoting to your subscribers.

Wouldn't you like to have an exclusive PLR minisite package you can start using immediately... and generate profits... over and over again for a long time to come?

And the best part is... this package is in the ever popular... HOT... this-is-not-going-away... GOING GREEN niche.

There will only be 100 packages sold... EVER. When the 100th package is sold, I will immediately pull the offer and place it in my archives... never to surface again... GUARANTEED!!

This WSO offer is a Completely Brand New... Red Hot... Private
Label Rights
package that will never be sold anywhere else...

It's not a tired ol', rehashed-a-gazillion-times ebook... but a brand new product I slaved day and night to create and make perfect... just for you!

This 100% unique... never seen before... ebook gives you the down and dirty methods to go green practically overnight...

"What in the world possessed me to create a PLR ebook in the 'Going Green' niche?" you ask...

Needless to say 'going green' is one of the hottest... most profitable Internet marketing niches online today... There are tons of people searching for information on how to 'go green' and do their part to help save the environment... without taxing their budget to the max. So... there's a very high demand for information products related to this hotter than hot niche.

Here's a Little Teaser To What's Inside:

How to replace toxic household cleaning products with environmentally friendly cleaners and not go broke doing it...

Choosing non-toxic products to keep your baby happy, healthy and SAFE from chemicals...

Develope an environmentally friendly routine for your exercise program...

Simple, everyday ways to recycle... without stressing out your family...

Make cleaning and pest control products from natural, safe ingredients you already have...

And Much, Much More!

And you're not just getting an ebook and nothing else... I've always been an over-achiever and it's just my nature to over-deliver... so not only are you getting an original ebook but also all the necessary tools to get you started making money right now!

Here's what's included:

Sales Copy
$1495 Value
Sales Page
Graphics - $495 Value
Graphics Package
Affiliate Tools Page - $495 Value
Affiliate Tools Page
Download Page - $195 Value
Download Page
Ebook -
$495 Value
eBook Sample

And last... but not least ... your PLR rights to this package:

You can do pretty much anything you want with this package except give it away or sell it in any form...

[YES] Includes Professional e-cover and Website Graphics

[YES] Includes Banners

[YES] Can edit the ebook and put your name on it as author

[YES] Can claim copyright (with at least 50% re-write)

[YES] Includes Professional Sales Letter

[YES] Includes Download Page

[YES] Includes Affiliate Page

Can sell Resale Rights

[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights

[NO] Can Sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can give it away for free

In a nut shell... it's yours to do pretty much whatever you want with... except you can not give it away for free... or sell PLR or MMR rights to it.

TOTAL VALUE - Over $1,700!

This quality PLR ebook package can help you break into the Going Green niche if you haven't already done so... and if you have... it will help increase your bottom line profits when you add it to your product inventory.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to secure this quality... 100% unique... PLR ebook/minisite package for just $27!

REMEMBER: Only 100 packages will ever be sold... When the 100th package is gone, it will be pulled from my offers forever!

100  88 copies left

I know tons of Warriors check the WSO section looking for quality... unique... affordable content and this package meets all those requirements... and then some...

When 100 copies of my irresistible offer are sold, I will pull it from my inventory... FOREVER! No one else will ever have this website... making the competition practically non-exsistant...

With just 100 copies available it would be wise to secure your $27 package before they're all snapped up and it's too late...

Can You Do Me a Favor?... Please post in this offer thread when you have secured your PLR package and let me know what you think... I value your feedback!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Warrior Special Offer! Your interest... and feedback... are greatly appreciated!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  To Your Success,

  Phyllis McClintock
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P.S: I feel that my work is a direct reflection on my integrity and always try my best to make sure my packages are worth every single penny of your investment. What can $27 buy today? Generally not much... not much worth having anyway... This small, one-time investment has the potential to let you spend your time building your business... not developing products for your business...

P.P.S: I'm sure you are well aware of what this small, one-time investment will do for you. So don't hesitate... grab your copy now!

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